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    Home-Based Therapy

    Often, parents will come to me, exasperated and stressed, noting “my kid is fine everywhere else, but we have such a hard time at home.” Usually, this is because home is where your child feels the safest and explosive behaviors can be more common, knowing you will accept them no matter what. Sometimes family dynamics create patterns that promote difficult behaviors as a bid for connection, independence, or control. Most of these issues can be addressed in the therapeutic setting, however coming into the home gives me a unique perspective. I am able to assess the family dynamics that will be the key of change to promote more peace and stability in the home. 

    Additionally, your child or teen may feel more comfortable in the home setting, allowing for therapeutic trust and connection to be built more quickly. This can allow for change to happen at a faster rate. 

    Home-based therapy may be a good fit for you if your family experiences high conflict/poor communication, listening and transitions are difficult, or you are struggling with responding to certain behaviors. 

    There are some limitations and considerations to discuss when exploring home-based therapy. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for a free consultation.  

    Please visit my rates page to view appointment options for this type of treatment.